An online resource for an innovative and inspiring substance misuse charity. 

Led by Addiction Dependency Solutions (ADS), One Recovery is a substance misuse partnership, operating throughout Staffordshire, Oldham and Bury via treatment centres and recovery hubs. As a new service, One Recovery wanted to establish themselves online with a innovative digital presence.

One Recovery

Website, Illustration

We Are Empire


We were tasked by the One Recovery team to create a website that engaged users and encouraged them to interact with key services, including self-completion tests to assess implications of drink or drug misuse, whilst also providing a wealth of information on the health and social issues connected to these.


We decided on a direction that would allow us to step away from the use of lifestyle photography, as we didn't want to stigmatise or typecast those who engaged with the site. We created a strong visual direction for the website consisting of a bold colour palette and a suite of bespoke illustrations. The visual style was approachable, fun and engaging in order to make users feel comfortable and motivated throughout their varying journeys on the website.

After the success of One Recovery Staffordshire, we were required to continue this unique direction by duplicating and adjusting the website where necessary for each One Recovery location. This has developed a consistent resource platform for ADS and their service users.