Creating a luxury online experience for a forward-thinking jewellery company.

David M Robinson is a company that's steeped in luxury, heritage and an extremely high level of personal service. They are one of very few British jewellery companies that design, manufacture and retail many of their own exclusive jewellery collections. What began as a small workshop in Liverpool, the company has now grown to the five showrooms it is today.

David M Robinson

UX, UI, Website

We Are Empire


The David M Robinson brand had progressed forward but was feeling like a high street jeweller rather than what they truly are – a luxury jewellery brand. Following their re-brand, David M Robinson approached us to create a distinctive new online showroom that would seamlessly reflect the personal, luxury service their customers would receive in one of their stores. The new website also needed to showcase the brand's own beautiful products in the best possible way, whilst bringing into focus the unique story of their jewellery being lovingly designed and crafted for over 40 years.


We worked closely with the DMR team, planning the site content and information architecture to ensure a user journey that facilitated frictionless shopping and easy routes of enquiry for shoppers at multiple stages of the purchasing cycle. The design not only needed to visually convey the luxury feel of the brand, but also subtly distinguish between the two core elements of the business; jewellery and timepieces.

User interface development was informed by consumer and competitor research; the results of which can be seen in the clear and simple navigation, defined business services, element interactions and of course a seamless experience over both mobile and tablet devices.