A new visual identity and website for a passionate and engaging healthcare brand.

ABL Health was founded in 2009 by people who believed they could and should change the world of social healthcare. Delivering community healthcare programmes across the north of England and beyond, they are passionate about tackling health inequalities and believed they could do this by transforming the way that community healthcare works. Combining expertise in healthcare and education they wanted to find a way to support and empower people to live healthier, better lives, whatever their background.

A Better Life Healthcare

Branding, Illustration, Website

We Are Empire


We were approached by ABL to create a new visual identity and digital presence. After growing the organisation over 6 years, ABL decided to re-evaluate their brand position with a focus on increased awareness of, and access to, high quality healthcare services and needed to communicate their message and values to a diverse online audience.


Starting with a thorough research and discovery phase, we set out to tackle a set of deliverables that would ensure the re-positioning and identity re-think added value to their online proposition for years to come. Following this we began to completely re-craft ABL's visual identity.  The previous logo utilised a heart shape that was embeded into the typography of the workmark. We decided that the heart should remain as a central visual to the ABL identity to reflect the brand's strong mission - working at the heart of communities to embed change. We completely re-crafted the identity, creating a new heart icon that could sit with the logotype, but also be used as a standalone mark to offer flexibilty across a range of mediums.

Identifying the five key service areas within ABL, we created a bold and approachable colour palette and assigned each service to a colour. The heart icon was made of five different coloured segments, reflecting the 5 key service pillars that made up ABL. This, along with a suite of bespoke illustrations and a durable typeface, allowed us to create an approachable brand identity and create a digital presence that demonstates ABL's passion for community healthcare.